Following the workshop, on 16/17 June 2012, VestAndPage held the 24-hour performance FEAR vs LOVE vs FEAR in a disused house in Condesa Colony, Mexico City, in occasion of Alumnos 47 Foundation‘s curatorial project Proyecto Liquido.

Verena Stenke and Andrea Pagnes inhabited the house for the duration of one day and one night. Visitors were free to enter and exit the house at anytime, moving freely through its rooms discovering the installations and performers in ever-changing actions.

VestAndPage’s performances were guided by a dream-like sequence of the life of a couple, living fear and desires. Each room hosted a specific installation, inside which Stenke and Pagnes actioned. The intensive process of working with the girls significantly influenced the condition, performative energy and actions of the artists.

The videos, writings, objects and registered voices of the girls participating in the workshop were existential part of the performance installation inside the Childrens’ Room on the second floor of the house.

In one corner at ceiling and walls were hanged the toys and plastiline figures. The video of the girls’ eyes was projected inside a closet, visible only though a narrow gap. With earphones one could listen to the voices of the girls speaking about fears and desires. Their writings and sketches were projected onto the ceiling. A sound of a musical box and children singing La Rueda de San Miguel was to be heard in the room.


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